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April 19, 2017

weeks in review: a release, an arrest, a discovery and 2 belly-dancing

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hakawi from the east - حكاوى من الشرق

Early April [2-4, 2017], the Egyptian president visited the US  and his visit included Egyptians standing  on both sides of the street, waving flags and greeting him as his convoy passed in Washington DC. He was in the States to ask for the US president’s financial and military support for which he only received promises of cooperation. Social media made fun of some of the images that surfaced of his infamous meeting with the US president in which they spoke of collaboration against terrorism. One image in particular showed the US president sitting at his desk in the Oval Office with the Egyptian president standing by his side – contrary to all protocols where both presidents should either be seated or standing up. The US president himself tweeted the pictures.

In the Oval Office

The Coptic Church also, prior to the explosions of the two churches in Tanta and Alexandria…

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